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Latest Publications


Research Impact and the Early Career Researcher documents experiences and perspectives on the emerging concept of research impact from a range of disciplines and places them within an analytical and critical discursive framework. Combining personal reflections with research essays, it provides the reader with a multi-dimensional perspective on research impact and how it connects to the research lives and practice of early career researchers.



This article provides a much needed insight into the experiences of doctoral researchers in the UK that identify as Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Trans-, Queer, or outside of heteronormative or cis-normative identities (LGBTQ+) to address the question of what support, culture, and pedagogy might better support doc-toral researchers who identify as LGBTQ+. While experiences of LGBTQ+ students in UK Higher Education have been explored in recent studies, the experiences of doctoral students have not been differentiated, documented, or analyzed.


All Publications

All Publications

Fenby-Hulse K., Hill G., Carruthers Thomas K., Collins D. (Forthcoming). Creating Entertaining Scholarship: Embracing Difference, Disruption, and Creativity within your Research. Routledge.

Bayley J, and Fenby-Hulse K. (Forthcoming). Hiding in plain sight: Research Management as a practice and profession in the scholarly ecosystem. In: Oancea A, Derrick G, Xu X, Nuseibeh N. The Handbook of Meta Research. Edward Elgar Publishing.

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Book Review: Fenby-Hulse, K. 2014. Singer-Songwriters and Musical Open Mics. By Marcus Aldredge. Farnham: Ashgate, 2013’, Popular Music, 33/3.

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Presentations and Workshops

Panel Presentation: Leading and Reimagining Equitable and Inclusive Research. (Association of Research Managers and Administrators Annual Conference, Online, 2021)

Invited Keynote: ‘ED(I) Won’t Wait: A Critical Cabaret’ (Scottish Graduate School for the Arts and Humanities, 2020). Also presented at 2020 Vitae International Conference on Researcher Development.

Invited Panelist: Grassroots initiatives to build a more collaborative, open and inclusive research culture (Vitae International Conference, 2019)


Invited Keynote: ‘On Difference and the Academy’ (University of Northampton, 2019)


Invited Speaker: ‘LGBT Researchers and Mental Health’ (Newcastle University, 2019)


Invited Panelist: ‘Supporting Researchers with Evidence-Based Policy’ (Nuffield Foundation, 2018)


Presentation: A Chaotic Careers Cabaret : Either/Or? Why we need a chaotic approach to research careers (Fourth Annual Researcher Education & Development Conference (REDS), 2018).


Presentation: ‘Implementing a Development Programme for Middle Career Researchers’ (Vitae Researcher Development International Conference, 2018)


Invited Workshop: ‘An Alternative Approach to Research Funding’ (HistoryUK, 2018)

Presentation: ‘The Experiences of LGBTQ+ Doctoral Researchers’ (UKCGE 3rd International Conference on Developments in Doctoral Education and Training, 2017)


Invited Workshop: ‘Planning Ahead: Making the transition from early to middle career researcher’ (Irish Research Council, ELEVATE International Career Development Fellowship Programme, Dublin; 2017)


Workshop: ‘It’s not all about workshops: a structured approach to researcher development’ (Vitae Researcher Development International Conference, Manchester; 2016)


Workshop: ‘Integrating research and researcher development’ (Vitae Researcher Development International Conference, Manchester; 2015)


Workshop: ‘Ethics in Arts and Humanities Research’ (Association of Research Administrators and Managers International Annual Conference, Brighton; June 2015)


Invited Keynote Performance: ‘Get Happy! Rethinking Judy Garland through Cabaret’ (Performing Stardom: New Methods in Critical Star Studies, University of Kent; May 2015)


Paper: ‘The Impact of Digital Music Platforms on Music Listening and Experience’ (Cultural Literacy in Europe, Birbeck University; April 2015)

Performative Paper: ‘Queering Ambient Performance: Prototyping the Digital Tableau Vivant’ (Slow Media; Bath Spa University, March 2015)


Invited Workshop: ‘Creative Practice as Research: a Methodological Approach’ (Orpheus Institute, University of Ghent, Belgium; Dec 2014)


Performative Paper: “I’m Always Chasing Rainbows”:  In Dystopian Dialogue with Judy Garland (The Wizard of Oz and the Cultural Imagination, Brighton; Nov 2014)


Paper: ‘Is an arts-based PhD a professional qualification? An evaluation of skills-based training and support for doctoral research arising from creative practices’ (UK Council for Graduate Education International Annual Conference, Dublin; Jul 2014).


Invited Keynote Paper: ‘The Fieldwork Playlist: a musicological investigation of an anthropological activity’ (The Fieldwork Playlist, Goldsmiths, University of London; October 2013).


Paper: ‘Musical Temporality and the Dramatic Tableaux: Gluck’s overture to Iphigénie en Aulide’ (International Society for the Study of Narrative Annual Conference, Manchester Metropolitan University; June, 2013).


Invited Panel Member: Research with Reach: Valuing Ideas Beyond the Academy (King’s College London; May 2013)


Paper: ‘The Impact of Digital Music Platforms on Music Listening and Experience’ (AHRC-funded Digital Transformers Symposium, Manchester Metropolitan University; May, 2013).


Invited Panel Member: Single-Author and Multi-Author Blogging (Transforming Objects, Northumbria University; May 2012)


Public Talk: ‘The Modern Mixtape: The Evolution of the Digital Playlist’ (TEDx Bradford: Life Online, National Media Museum; Mar 2012).


Paper: ‘Either/Or: Comic/Tragic Narratives in Mozart’s Don Giovanni Overture’ (Graduate Exchange Conference, King’s College London; Jun 2008).